Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Our First Post

Hello to all our friends and family! We've enjoyed reading so many other blogs and love knowing all about what's happening in your lives. We want you to know what is happening with us, so we're attempting to start a blog for our family. Hope you enjoy it! We love you and are anxious to share what God has been doing with us. Here's a recent picture of our little boy, Samuel. No, it's not Easter. He just likes wearing these bunny ears all over the house.


Dan & Karis Seely said...

Sweet! We're the first ones to comment on your blog. We're excited to actually see what's going on with you guys and your cute little boy (our future son-in-law). :-)

Don said...

Hey Guys,

We really missed not being able to catch up with you over the Christmas break! We really do hope that we can find a way soon, but until then at least we have the blogosphere. Look forward to the technological fellowship. =)

Grammy H. said...

Hey! Who said the bunny-eared boy is boring - not Grammy!
Grammy H.