Saturday, February 10, 2007

Our 2 Dads

Well, since Becky's last post things have become a little more interesting, as God is giving us more opportunities to trust Him and see Him work. Becky's dad is still in ICU on a ventilator, but is doing some better. The doctors seem to have a positive outlook on his status. Through Thursday his kidneys were still doing poorly, even a little worse. So, Friday morning they did dialysis, and did it again this morning. This will hopefully do the job his kidneys can't do right now, and that is clean out his blood of the poisons. Also, they have already started cutting back on the ventilator to allow him to breath minimally on his own. Continue to pray for his improvement and patience during the long road ahead.

With one dad already in ICU, my dad, Ray Gravley, was admitted in the hospital Thursday afternoon. My poor father has had a terrible January (since his retirement at the end of last year). I will spare the details, but they have found his colon in very bad shape. He is in the hospital to get nutrition through an IV and have further testing done to see what has caused this. They are looking at all the options.

We just praise the Lord that He has a perfect plan for each one of us. God has even used this time for Becky to be able to reach out to a family in the room next to her dad's. Please pray for Melissa and George, as they are in despair at George's condition. Pray for their turning to the Savior, who alone is good. Certainly, He works all things after the counsel of His will, and this brings us great encouragement. I guess I would say that is the primary prayer request for our 2 dads during this time -- that God would encourage them in their hearts to be patient and trust Him. They both have a long road ahead and certainly cannot proceed in their own strength.

Thanks so much for all the prayers and encouragement during this God-ordained time in our family.


Dan & Karis Seely said...

Trav, it was good to talk with you on Saturday. Becky, we hope to catch up with you "soon" once your life settles down again. We are praying for you and your families. We love you!