Thursday, June 28, 2007

Ready for a Wife

For the last few days, I've been letting Samuel help me with the dishes.
He used the sprayer to rinse them and to rinse a few other things (like the counter, the floor and himself!). And just a few days ago he brought me a flower from the plant outside our house.
I was beginning to think that he was just about ready to get married, since he's able to do so many things that wives love (washing dishes, giving flowers), until I thought about the fact that he's still wearing a DIAPER! I'm not sure his wife would go for that! I guess we still have some work to do in the dishes department too, because at the end of the rinsing he started drinking the water from the spoon he had just rinsed.
OH WELL!! We'll have to do a bit more training before the big wedding day! I think we'll start on the "no drinking the water from the rinsed dishes" first, cause I'm just not ready to tackle the diaper yet. Maybe by the time he's 25 we'll have that one accomplished!


Dan said...


Don't worry about the diaper; Kayla won't mind a bit and she'd probably drink water from the spoons right along with him! It's was so funny to read this post, because I can see Kayla doing all the same things - not that I would be brave enough to give her the sprayer, though. Tell Sam that Kayla says "Hi!"

Travis and Becky said...

are you crazy?? i didn't GIVE the sprayer; he TOOK it!!

Nate, Kris & Adrianna said...

Dear Sam,
I'll marry you if you'll wait for me. I love a man that washes his own dishes, and I still wear a diaper too; no big deal. Our parents could write a contract, and you could give my dad a dowry. What cute kids we would have. :-)