Thursday, December 20, 2007

The Fun Part of Samuel's Birthday

We had fun putting this video together to show you the scavenger hunt Samuel had to find his present on the morning of his 3rd birthday. We hope you enjoy it. This was before the "not-so-fun" part. You'll have to excuse the bed heads and pajamas!


Don & Katrina Hines said...

You guys are building our anticipation even more! That was such a cute video. We can't wait to start making those memories ourselves! We just bought a video camera and are trying to learn the ropes now before the big arrival! In fact, as a trial run, you should see the big reveal (son or daughter) coming soon to a blog near you!!!

Love you guys!! Merry Christmas!

Katrina & Don TOO!!

P.S. Tell S. Grav "Happy Birthday!"

Karis said...

Great creativity! Sam is soooo cute. I showed Kayla the video, and she said, "again, again" when it was over.

Happy Belated Birthday, Sam!