Tuesday, May 13, 2008


Samuel has now completed his potty training....HALLELUJAH!!!!! I really thought his senior year of highschool would be quite embarrassing with having to wear a pull-up. So glad we can put this"behind" us (if you know what I mean....heeheehee) =) Don't ask me for ANY potty

training advice. I have nothing to offer except, for this kid at least, he wasn't ready until he was ready. Last week he began sitting up on the potty (with his pull-up on). I called it "practicing". I noticed that he was always doing his thing while standing up. So....I decided to work on the sitting down part first. He did a great job with it. He would tell me when he had to go, and then I would run him into the bathroom and sit him up on the seat with his pull-up on. He'd do his thing and then I'd clean him up. Crazy, I know, but I was trying everything I could think of. Then on Mother's Day night (I'll spare you the gory details), we caught him in the act and made a big, funny deal out of it, resorting to "potty talk". He thought this was hilarious and jumped right in on it, cracking himself up about it all. The next morning, out of the blue, he asked to go to the potty and for the last twp days.....well....SUCCESS!!!! Tonight at bed time he said, "Mom, when you pray, thank Jesus that I'm not afraid to go poopy in the potty anymore." And so I did, because I really AM thankful!

Samuel - potty training begins (spring 2007)

Samuel - potty training ends - (Spring 2008)


The mom~ster said...

And best of all...it was Jesus who helped him to not be afraid...and who knows what that little confidence in a God who helps in fearful times may grow into. ;o)

So glad for you!!!!

Suz said...

Bless your heart....that is now behind you! :) WAY TO "GO" sam!!!! We love you and are proud of you! (And you, too, Beck, for not losing your sanity in this process...)

Travis and Becky said...

are you kidding????!!!! i did lose my sanity. what do you think has been wrong with me for the last YEAR?? heehee

Tim & Kristen said...

Good Job Samuel!!! I am very happy for you Becky as well!!

Karis said...

We were THRILLED to hear this news when Trav called Dan the other day. Woo-hoo!!! Happy Mother's Day to you! I don't know of a better gift for you. I loved how he wanted to thank God for helping him not be afraid.

Beck, don't be too hard on yourself for feeling like you had lost your sanity at times -- you did better than I would've done! Training is hard, but patience while the child waits to make the decision we're working for is enough to send me over the edge. I am very happy for you guys.

Way to go, Sammo-Whammo.

Ben and Carissa said...

Gloria!! I bet you are so happy! Way to stick with it good buddy!! Good job Sammy. That poop stuff is pretty scary!!