Thursday, September 11, 2008

Thoughts About Family

Trav and I have been talking more frequently about what it will be like when we live in Romania.  One of the things we always talk about is what it will be like to live away from our families.  We have an incredible blessing that few people have...each member of our families (moms, dads, brothers and sisters and their spouses) have come to know the Lord as their Savior.  For our children to have 2 sets of grandparents and all of their aunts and uncles as godly examples to admire and follow makes us so happy and thankful to God.  I've been trying to cherish every moment that we have with our families, knowing that very soon, we will be on our own very far away from them.  Here's some pictures of our sweet family.  I hope this will encourage you to thank the Lord for your own salvation and for the godly heritage that many of you have been given.  My only regret is that I would have been more thankful before now...

Travis and his brother, Trent

Suzanne (my brother's wife) and her sweet baby Caleb

Tammy (Trav's sister) and Sam when he was a little punkin'

Jeff (Trav's sister's husband) and his little boy, Daniel

My Mom and Dad

Travis' Dad and Kara

Travis' Mom, Sam and cousin Ella (or Allah, Sam calls her!) =)

My brother, Andy with Dad at rehab

Travis' brother's wife, Traci


jeileenbaylor said...

hmmm - good thoughts. I hope you can cherish those times --- love you guys!

Karis said...

Great post! And way to be thinking these thoughts in advance! There's so much I could say but I don't have much time in Blogland... I really don't know how God will be enough without being on the same continent with family for the next three years, 11 months, and one week (but who's counting) but I know he will be. My heart has felt heavy/overwhelmed by how long four years is/incredibly sad several times already but God lifts the heaviness every time and gives peace and purpose. I am so thankful for the times we had with family over the last two years. What gifts those times were just like you said!

Erin said...


I can't imagine myself on the journey you are about to take, but it is encouraging to see your willingness to follow what God has called you to do. I do know that it is such a step of faith to leave family and friends to live in another country. My Daniel did it himself 18 years ago, only he came from the direction you are going. If you ever need a "family" in Romania, let us know. I'm sure Daniel's mom would be glad to meet you. She is in the capital, Bucuresti.

Erin (Jones) Vinersar