Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Happy Birthday, Sam!

Today we're celebrating Samuel's 4th birthday. He is the joy and challenge of our lives, all rolled into one.
I want you to know, little buddy, how much I love you. I love kissing your soft cheeks, listening to you sing, watching you pretend with your toys and see you hug your little sister so gently. I hope that you will grow up to be just like your daddy. He's the most wonderful man I know. We pray for you that you will learn to love Jesus with all of your heart and that we will have wisdom to teach you how to do that. You are such a joy to me. Happy birthday!


Tim, Kristen & Megan said...

happy birthday, Sam...I can't believe he is getting so big!!

Karis said...

I told Kayla it was Sam's birthday and showed her the pictures. She said, "That's a picture of my friend Sam? When he was Krista's age?" Being the big sister and all, she sees Krista as "a baby" apparently. :-)

Happy Birthday to you,
Happy Birthday to you,
Happy Birthday dear Sam,
Happy Birthday to you!

We love you!

jeileenbaylor said...

Happy Birthday (a day late) Sammy! I love the picture of him in that stocking - so cute - maybe they will do that for Maddy :)

Andy and Davina said...

Happy birthday, Sammy! It's hard to believe it was 4 years ago when you, me and Carissa were all new mothers.

S said...

Happy Birthday Sam- Esther was born a year later on the 22nd at the same place! She has one of those stockings also! Ahh the memories. :)

Heather Botts said...

Hi Travis and Becky!
I just happened to stumble upon your blog at my sister-in-law's! I am glad to see you are doing well..You have a beautiful family! Merry Christmas!
Heather (York) Botts