Thursday, July 16, 2009


Here's a link to a short post I saw on the Girltalk blog (which I LOVE). It has a great view on hospitality, helping me to see that it is a responsibility for all believers. I believe that hospitality can be one of the primary ways to bring others to Christ, by inviting people into your home and showing them first-hand what it is to be a Christian. They can watch you with your kids and with your husband (hopefully, it's a good example you are setting - ha!) and wonder how they can get a home like yours. What they will see is not YOU, but the Spirit of God IN you, and it will be desirous. Hope this makes you think, like it did me, about a way you can be hospitable. Why not start with a neighbor with whom you don't feel that you have much in common besides both of you being mothers? You never know! =) I loved the section that emphasizes that we don't all have the same way of showing hospitality. It will be varied based on "God's varied grace." That takes a lot of the pressure away, knowing that MY way of showing hospitality doesn't have to look like the way others show it. It can be original to me.


Ben and Carissa said...

thanks Becky!! A great encouragement and prodding! My big problem is always being "hospitable" to people we're comfy with. You know I'd invite you to dinner before the new neighbors! So you wanna come over??

Travis and Becky said...

YES, buddy ol pal, i DO want to come over! =) but since i'm not there, why don't you invite your neighbors! ha! =) love ya!

Anonymous said...

Very challenging Becky! Jason is really good about talking to all the neighbors. I'm not used to doing that...but I'm working at getting better about it.

We invited some neighbors over for dinner, they haven't come yet but they brought us a cake so hopefully we are making progress on building a relationship.

Rebecca Barker-Townsend

Karis said...

Great encouragement. Especially the part that I don't have to do it like everyone else. That is a great reminder even in another culture. If I don't do what they would do (as in start a full meal for whoever stops by), but I serve them something little or even just offer cold water and show interest in them, I don't have to feel inhibited from being the one to reach out. Out my comfort zone... thanks alot! :-)