Monday, January 29, 2007

And I haven't even turned 32 yet!!

Travis and I had big plans to go to the doctor together tomorrow (Tuesday) with Samuel and watch the ultrasound as one big happy family to find out the sex of our new baby!! However, I was disappointed when Trav came to tell me that I had the date of the appointment wrong. Rather than Tuesday, the appointment was this morning (Monday), so he wasn't going to be able to come with me. I felt bad that our "family plan" wasn't going to work out. Now, it was just me going to the doctor with Samuel to watch the ultrasound by ourselves. Yippee!! Sounds on the table and Sam running all around the office and pulling medical paraphenalia out of drawers. I can't wait! When I got to the office, I found out that there never WAS an ultrasound scheduled to begin with and that it would be scheduled for a few weeks from now!! I've been a little mixy since we returned from Romania. I'm surprised I even went to the right doctor's office! Thankfully, everything is working out okay and maybe we can still go to the doctor in a few weeks as a family. I think I need a nice warm cup of tea and a nap. How about you? =)


Dan & Karis Seely said...

Becky, you are so funny! I remember feeling "out of it" at times when I was pregnant with Kayla. One example is I forgot to pay our rent for the first time ever -- it completely escaped my mind until the 7th of the month I think, and they were going to charge us a $50 late fee which of course brought instant tears to my eyes. Of course, the tears ended up not being a bad thing because they agreed to waive the late fee for this once, but if we were late again, we would have to pay a $100 late fee for both times... I asked Dan to check up on me after that!

Glad to hear Travis may be able to work it so he can go to the next appointment.

I love you!

Shannon said...

Oh man! I was anxiously reading to see what you were having, and now I have to wait a few more weeks! I'll have to keep checking back for updates. I'm so forgetful too. I try to write everything down, and I still get it wrong sometimes.

Suz said...

HAHAHA!!! Wait'll you're turning 37!!! AHHHHH!!!! You'll forget to put your underwear on before you put on your jeans. (Yeah, I did that the other day...good grief.)

jeileenbaylor said...

Thanks for your comment. It cracked me up! I almost forgot you had a blog :o) You were made for it :o)

Suz--believe it or not, I'm 26 and I did THAT the other day too :O()

Anonymous said...

Congrads Travis and Becky!! Can't wait to find out about your new one.
Rebecca (Barker) Townsend

Mom said...

Hey, you young guys don't know what it is to be forgetful. Just ask the one who has to check daily for teeth, glasses, and car keys.
Almost 6------ You should never tell your age.
Love, Mom