Sunday, January 7, 2007

tbs grav 2.0

You can now order the new Gravley Blog for only $99.99! Just kidding...actually, we just changed the setting on the comment section to receive comments from anyone, so it won't be so annoying to leave a comment if you don't have a Google account. My sweet sister in law Suzanne came up with this brilliant idea. Thanks, Suz! =) We have one question, though. For all of you experienced bloggers, will this get us a bunch of junk commenting that we don't want?


suzanne Heckathorne said...

Thanks, Beck! I think there are other settings to make it more secure. I have seen some blogs where you have to type in a weird word or something so you don't get "junk" from sites. I would see what happens and if you get a ton of yucky mail then go back to the most secure method. :) We need more pictures of Sam on here. And you and Travis, too! (I'm not demanding, am I???)

Shannon said...

Hey welcome to the blogosphere guys! We are excited to keep up with you all better this way. We get updates from the Hines from time to time though.

Travis and Becky said...

i read your blog everyday. keep writing. you're very interesting. thanks for the welcome. we're excited about being able to keep up better this way. we miss you! excited for stephen's graduation! =) yay!

Brad Jury said...

So glad for your new blog! We will continue to uphold your family in prayer as the Lord reveals His vision for your ministry during your trip. I know that God has great things in store for you!

Dan & Karis Seely said...

Make sure you say yes on the "Show word verification for comments?" (under the Settings and Comments tab). I made the mistake of not doing this and got some pretty raunchy stuff on my blog.

Keep the posts and pics coming!


kindergrammy mom said...

Hey guys,
We miss our little sunshine. Pappy hasn't been greeted from work so cheerily in many years. It was such a pleasure to have Sam. I hope all is well. Now that he is gone - we haven't heard from you. I guess you are busy. Love,