Sunday, March 4, 2007

Update on Becky's Dad

Once again we are so grateful for all the prayers and support during this time. Your emails and phone calls have really helped the family. We enjoy reading all the notes, and it has been special to read them to Becky's mom too. I am home now for the work week. Samuel had a good weekend with his cousin Grace staying at my brother's house. Pray for Becky and Andy as they miss their kids. Becky's Dad has not changed much. To us it seems that he looks better and is showing some signs of activity in his eyes and face. However, it certainly is not significantly different. Probably tomorrow or Tuesday, the doctors will begin to make certain conclusions about a prognosis and his current condition. As you can imagine thoughts of the future are very difficult right now, especially for Becky's Mom. But as we have all seen in the past, God always draws near to us in the most needy times. Though we may not feel that we can handle a certain situation right now, we know that God will comfort and strengthen us when we need it most. Please continue to pray for some sort of recovery soon. As we have considered the power of Christ in raising from the dead, we have had confidence in His ability to address Dad's needs. We have also been encouraged by His Word, which tells us to ask anything in his name. At the same time, we recognize that our God is in heaven and He does whatever He pleases (Ps 115:3).

Another request I would ask you to lift up is for Dad's and the family's perseverance. In the first couple of days there is still so much shock and (could I say) adrenalin. But as day after day goes by with either no news or perhaps worse news, one's spiritual and physical stamina are threatened. We have begun to see this in ourselves already and know there could be many more days of this ahead. So please, as you have been, continue to pray. As Mom prayed this morning in our family devotional time, "Lord, we don't want to displease you in our responses." We also have been praying that those around us would be "confronted" with the glory and power of God.
Again, thank you all and may we serve to comfort you as God brings trials your way.

Travis (for all)


Ben and Carissa said...

We continue to pray for you guys. Know that we love you.
Ben and Carissa

Katrina said...

We are praying for you all as well, even though our e-mails and phones have been silent, our hearts are with you many times throughout the day!

We love you both and desire our God to be glorified (as He will be!)

Don & Katrina

Dan & Karis Seely said...

I am amazed as I read your posts and talk with you at the way the Lord is working through your family at this time. When I was up at Heart Conference in January, Tim Jordan preached a message about being light in our world from Matt 5 and asked the question "What does light look like?" One of the points that he brought out from Matt 5:4 ("Blessed are those who mourn, for they shall be comforted") is that a person who is being light is not exempt from difficult and trying circumstances, but in the midst of those circumstances they exhibit a peace and confidence that has no logical connection to their circumstances.

It has been a blessing for all of us to "see" your light as a family through this difficult situation, and I am praying that those around your family (doctors, nurses, other patients, etc.) will also see your light and glorify our Father in heaven.

Keep that light shining! We love you!


jeileenbaylor said...

Our prayers are continually with you!