Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Never a Dull Day

Today was going along so smoothly. Samuel and I were playing and getting ready to go for a haircut. I've had to wet his hair completely to get it to stay down, so I thought it was time.

It was beginning to look like Alfalfa's (all slicked down and plastered to his head). I was expecting one strand in the back to pop up any minute. =)

As we were pulling out of the driveway, I backed up as usual into our neighbor's parking space (the space that I THOUGHT was EMPTY!!) and,lo and behold, I found that it wasn't empty at all. Betty's car was in it's usual spot and I crashed right into it. It kinda goes right along with the year I'm having so far...crazy!! Oh well, Travis says we have good insurance. Praise the Lord for that! Of course, Kara slept right through the whole thing. Samuel was such a good boy and never once opened his mouth until we got to the barber shop. It was there that he told everyone waiting for haircuts that "Mommy crashed into Miss Betty's car!!!" Thanks, Sam.

P.S. I always have some good story about Sam, so here's some recent shots of our beautiful baby Kara. She was very comfy with her daddy last night after dinner resting on his chest.


Nate, Kris & Adrianna said...

Oh, dear, Becky! I always have a good laugh when I read your stories; I think I would have thought about crying if I hit that car. Good thing we can have a sense of humor about it all, right? :-) Kara is so cute; she looks so much like Samuel!!!!

Don & Katrina Hines said...

I still can't believe that Samuel is still so blonde! I love the spikey hair picture of him. He looks quite grown up in that one! I bet you could have kicked yourself when you hit Miss Betty's car. It was probably one of those really stupid feeling moments - you know the ones we've ALL had. Thanks for sharing! =)

Karis said...

Don't be hard on yourself about the car! The things we would do over if we could, but we can't so...

It was soooo good to see you guys on Monday. Hope you aren't more tired than normal after that late night. After seeing two sets of parents with infants two days in a row, I am starting to remember how tiring the beginning weeks are. Samuel and Kara are so precious. It was so good to talk with you about family, deputation, raising a "spirited" child, and about the newborn stage. We praise the Lord for directing your steps and are praying for you as you transition this month.

jeileenbaylor said...

sorry about the accident... remember mine during student teaching? Yikes that was crazy!
Sam and Kara are just so precious. I love seeing there pics.

ps we probably won't be home til christmas, but maybe we can see you then.
Love ya!