Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Family Night

We've recently instituted "Family Night" into the Gravley household. Our inaugural night was last Friday. We played flashlight hide and seek in the complete dark. Samuel wasn't so sure at first, but very soon he was having a blast. Then we moved on to Bible story charades while Mommy fed Kara. A pretty lame idea, I know, but we had to do SOMETHING to keep the activity going. Watching Kara eat wasn't going to cut it =) Next, we moved on to Veggie Tales on Mommy and Daddy's bed on the BIG screen. We hooked up our projector that we use to show our missions presentation and watched on the bedroom wall (all the while eating popsicles ON THE BED!!) We definitely shouldn't have started out the "Family Nights" with so much excitement, because tonight (our second one), all we did is play with play-dough and dominoes on the kitchen table. That's the great thing about a 2 year old. I don't think he really cares WHAT we do, as long as we're paying attention to him. Ever since the first Family Night, he's been asking for another one. We're really attempting to make this a scheduled weekly night for our family. We even write it on the calendar, so it won't get squished out of the way by other stuff. I'm sure that someday our kids won't LOVE it as much as they do now, but we're trying to create some family loyalty while they're very young. Obviously, we're not very creative (hence, the play-dough and domino night), so does anyone have any Family Night ideas for us?


Karis said...

We haven't done much Family night yet, but I saw someone's blog where they made a huge tent in the living room with blankets and kitchen chairs along with the living room furniture. I think they watched a movie in their tent or played a game...

I'm interested to see people's responses to this because we need ideas too. This would be a good thing for us to start. Usually for our family nights, we leave the house because one of us adults just needs to get out. Kayla loves to get out too even if we don't end up at the park which is her absolute favorite. :-)

Anonymous said...

Hey Becky! I have never left a comment but I have a few ideas for some family nights! Don't laugh at my nerdiness!

Good time of year for an "orange walk". See how many orange leaves you can many orange things you can spot! Then go home and make a special orange sherbet with orange soda!

Bubble night...blow bubbles, then make a bubble on paper...cut up tissue paper into 1 inch squares and water down a circle cut out of white construction paper with a water bottle squirter. Place the tissue on the wet circle and it will bleed onto the paper. When it dries the tissue paper falls off and the result is really neat! It really looks like a bubble if you use pinks and blues. Kids love to see the colors run onto the paper. End the night chewing bubble gum (if appropriate for your child) and maybe Mom and Dad can have a bubble blowing contest!

Campfire night...sing songs in a circle and then make smores in the oven...or as my kids say..."Marshmallow Sandwiches!"

Fun games like "Hi Ho Cherry-O", "Memory", and a fun game we love is "Sequence for Kids". Also, finger painting is always a winner....what kid doesn't love to see their parents get their hands dirty!

Okay, enough of my ideas. The preschool teacher in me is jumping out! I love you guys!!