Saturday, October 27, 2007

New Family Picture...finally! =)

Here's our first and only family picture since Kara was born. We found an old barn close by and took this picture by ourselves. Samuel did such a good job smiling at the camera with no one to look at. We went straight to Burger King for chicken nuggets and french fries as a reward and then a LOLLIPOP too!! (Sam calls them Lionpops) =) This is the picture we wanted to include in our new missions presentation, but my shirt came out so bright that Travis wasn't happy with it. We're having a bit of a competition about whether it would be okay or not. What do you think?


Will said...

Love this photo! Everyone looks really good in it! I didn't notice the shirt and I am a picky picture person.


bradjury said...

re: the brightness of your shirt

it doesn't look bad. I have seen tons of presentations and would like to note that the projector and the lighting in the church and all of that tends to make things not so bright as your computer monitor might.

so I say go with the seems to work and you guys look great!

Andy and Davina said...

I didn't really notice the shirt because your smiles are so radiant! Love the pic :)