Saturday, June 21, 2008


Sam's been cracking us up lately with his renditions of Veggie Tales.  He's really into "Dave and the Giant Pickle."  (a spin off of David and Goliath, in case you couldn't tell from the title) =)  Anyway, the other night on the way to Bible School, he was quoting in the back seat something from one of the "Silly Songs with Larry."  Bob and Larry are talking in Spanish for some reason and one of them says, "No Comprendo??!!!  I'll show YOU no comprendo!"  Well, Sam was saying, "No Comfriendo??!!  I'll show YOU no comfriendo!"  It was hilarious!  I have big plans to post a video of Sam playing Dave and Travis playing the Giant stay tuned!

Saturday, June 14, 2008

The Best Dads Ever

Father's Day is tomorrow. I wanted to take a moment and thank the Lord for the 2 best dads in the world. The first one became my father on June 5, 1975. It was his last day of school (he was an elementary school teacher). This was just the beginning of my inconveniencing him. Now that I'm a parent, I realize the sacrifice that it takes to raise a child. I wanted to name a few things that I remember specifically about my childhood and to thank my dad for his sacrifice.

My favorite memory is my dad coming into my room each night to pray with me. Before the seriousness began, he would so often sneak in and "get" me! It was so suspenseful; you never knew quite when he'd come through the door. He'd always call to me through the door that he was coming, and I would squeal with excitement.

In "teeth losing years" my dad would dress up in my mom's robe and a little frilly hat, pull his glasses down on his nose, and ring a little bell announcing his appearance as the Tooth Fairy. "Did somebody here lose a tooth?" he would say in a little squeaky voice. We always got huge sums of money for lost teeth, like a dime or quarter. =)

My dad was my principal in Christian school for all of my elementary school years and was also my kindergarten teacher. Though he made me call him "Mr. Heckathorne" like everyone else, when we passed in the hallway by ourselves sometimes, we'd sneak a little hug and kiss.

As I grew older, in college, Dad would send me little notes in the mail sometimes.

Once, after college, when my boyfriend broke up with me, Dad held me in his arms and told me that God allows hard times to come to make us strong. I'll never forget that hug.

The last time my dad talked to me, he said what he has said thousands of times: "I love you." This was before I left him in the hospital the night before he suffered a cardiac arrest which took his speech from him and left him with a serious brain injury. We've had some very understanding looks between us since then, though, and I'm so glad to know that he still loves me. Now he just tells me with his eyes. I love you too, Daddy.

The other best dad in the world is my husband...Travis Mitchell Gravley. I would not want any other man to be a daddy to my children. I will never understand the love of God for me that He would give me a husband like he has. I have been blessed abundantly more than I deserve. Travis is the most sacrificial person I have ever known. He is constantly serving me and our children. Samuel and Kara love their daddy so much. He plays with them, feeds them, bathes them, and dresses them. There is nothing he refuses to do (even the yuckiest part of potty training that you can imagine!) =) If I ever go away, I am sure that they are being taken care of, just like I would do. I remember one time recently when I went out shopping with my mom. When I returned, Trav had fed the children dinner, played with them all evening, dressed them for bed, cleaned up all the toys, and was just finishing the dishes when I got home. This is just one example of how he takes care of our family. He quietly leads us in loving the Lord with all of our hearts. He disciplines Samuel so patiently, and humbly reminds me to do the same =) There is no little girl that he loves more than his baby Kara. I remember when we learned we were having a girl, Travis immediately said, "What are we gonna do when she's 12?!!" I have absolutely no fear. If my little girl looks for a husband JUST like her daddy, she will have found the greatest treasure!
One of the dearest sacrifices Travis has made for me has been just in the last year. He has agreed to be the main caretaker along side my mom for my own father. I cannot begin to describe my thankfulness. I love you, Travis. You mean more to me than I could ever describe. I am the happiest girl in the world!