Saturday, June 21, 2008


Sam's been cracking us up lately with his renditions of Veggie Tales.  He's really into "Dave and the Giant Pickle."  (a spin off of David and Goliath, in case you couldn't tell from the title) =)  Anyway, the other night on the way to Bible School, he was quoting in the back seat something from one of the "Silly Songs with Larry."  Bob and Larry are talking in Spanish for some reason and one of them says, "No Comprendo??!!!  I'll show YOU no comprendo!"  Well, Sam was saying, "No Comfriendo??!!  I'll show YOU no comfriendo!"  It was hilarious!  I have big plans to post a video of Sam playing Dave and Travis playing the Giant stay tuned!


Ben and Carissa said...

I can't wait!!! Travis - a pickle?! I can't wait!! What we do for our kids!

MattDJ said...'s been a month and still no video. As any true NYer would say...WHAT GIVES?! :-)