Monday, July 21, 2008

Cool Museum

We've been away for the last two weeks doing a couple Vacation Bible Schools. The second week we stayed with a GREAT family...Steve and Elyse Richard and boys (5 of them, actually!) =)
After a busy week at Bible school, they treated us to a really cool museum. I wish we could show here what an awesome place this is. It's called
Strong Museum of Play. I've never seen such a cool place! It's located in Rochester, NY. We spent the morning playing together. Samuel couldn't contain himself; he was SO excited. If you ever have a chance to go, it's definitely worth the time and money. THANK YOU, RICHARDS! We had a GREAT week with you (and we're already suffering from the lack of delicious cookies at our house!)

Zach and Zane (twins)

Zach, Zane, Luke and Micah

Sweet Luke

Elyse and little Isaiah

Kara is definitely Daddy's favorite girl!

Everybody hugging Clifford





Our Wonderful Friends (Steve and Elyse)


Tim & Kristen said...

That does look like a good time. I am sure that Samuel had a ton of fun with all of those boys!!

The mom~ster said...

how neat that you stayed with such a nice family

jeileenbaylor said...

WOW ! looks like quite the museum! Glad you got to go :)

Ben and Carissa said...

WOW! 7 kids...going OUT! Amazing! Reminds me of a crazy thing I once did with some really great friends! Love you!

MattDJ said...

I would TOTALLY dig that place!! :-)