Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Conversation with Pappy

Since my dad's brain injury, most of you know, he has been unable to talk.  He can say a few words here and there, but for the most part, he doesn't really speak at all.  Sometimes on special mornings he'll be in a very alert mood when he wakes up.  On those mornings we call to Sam and see if he wants to come in and "talk" with Pappy.  This morning's conversation was especially funny.  

Side note:  When Samuel gets in trouble and has to be disciplined, we've been working on 
repeating the entire scenario to be sure the disobedience is corrected the second time around.  
Sometimes we'll say, "OK.  I'm going to go out of the room and then I'll come in and tell you to 
do blah, blah, blah, and you'll say, 'Yes, Mommy/Daddy.'"  Then we'll repeat the whole process, 
and Sam will answer correctly and obey...well....at least that's the plan =)  

So.....this morning when we called him in to talk with Pappy, it went like this...

Sam:  Hi, Pappy!
Pappy: Hi.
Sam:  Why'd you get up so early today, Pappy?
Pappy: *silence*
Sam:  OK!  Let's try again, okay?
Pappy: OK
Sam: Hi, Pappy!
Pappy: Hi.
Sam:  Why'd you get up so early today, Pappy?
Pappy: *silence*
After a few more times, Samuel decides to do a "retake" (like we do with him).
By this time we're totally cracking up.  My poor dad, forced into this never-ending conversation! =)
Sam:  OK, Pappy!  Let's try again.  (in a very instructive, teacher voice)  I'm gonna go out of the room and then I'll come back in and you can answer me.
By the time it was over, we convinced him to sit up in Pappy's bed and read him some books.  (pictures to come)


Ben and Carissa said...

That is so funny, Beck!! It's working...he's IS learning SOMETHING!! Hee Hee!!

The mom~ster said...

that was funny to picture...

Anonymous said...

Becky!! This post made me laugh...at least you know Samuel is listening to you. What precious memories you have being so close to your family during this time.

Praying for you guys!!

Rebecca Barker-Townsend

tnjones11 said...

Hi! I've found you on blogspot (it's so much better than facebook...haha). That's a very cute story about Sam and your dad!!! :-)