Friday, August 8, 2008


I just wanted to write a quick post to our friends, Dan and Karis. Two weeks from yesterday they will be leaving for their first term in Cameroon, Africa. When we moved to Virginia Beach for seminary, Dan and Karis were our first friends. Neither one of us had children, so it was school, work and friends that made up our lives. From the beginning we knew that we would get along great. Travis knew Dan and Karis from college, but not all that well. They were always just one step ahead of us through seminary and then into the process of choosing a mission board and beginning deputation.

Dan and Karis, you are so special to us. Even though we've spent lots of months away from each other since we moved to Pennsylvania, you have always been very close in our hearts. We have prayed for you so much these last months as God has answered your great desire to send you to Cameroon. We admire you and your faithfulness to the Lord and the strength and determination you have shown to make it through long years of seminary away from both of your families. You spent many Christmases alone in Virginia, while we were close enough to travel home for every one. You waited for the pregnancy of your precious Kayla, whom we prayed for. And then the Lord blessed you abundantly with ANOTHER baby! We are so glad to call you our friends. We don't know when we'll see you again, since our furlough schedules will probably not match, so it could be many years. We cherish the times we have had with you as a couple and now the few times we've spent together as families. We love you, DAN, KARIS, KAYLA, and KRISTA! =)


Tim & Kristen said...

Great picture of you and the Seelys. I enjoyed reading this post. What a blessing that close friends are. We are praying for you.

Karis said...

Oh Becky. I was almost in tears after your first post about family but now I'm really feeling teary after seeing this post.

I will just be thankful for the internet and not think about not seeing you guys for years.

We love you guys so much, and we are very thankful for your friendship.