Friday, October 9, 2009


Since Kara's hair is getting longer, we're having some fun with it in the bathtub. Take a look...

After we did this, we let her see herself in the mirror. Now everytime we wash her hair, she wants to look in the mirror. We're having so much fun with her, especially now that she's getting a little bigger and can do more things. She and Sam are beginning to play more and more together. She also lets me do her hair in pigtails and other little hair-dos. It's fun being the mommy of a little girl. She loves to have her nails painted, and she's starting to request certain outfits. OH BOY! Here we go!


Karis said...

Kara, you are precious! Maybe you, Krista, and Kayla would love to take your mom and I out for us all to get pedicures?!